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The Sumi Languages

The Sumi languages make up a language family of 8 languages spoken by approximately 6 million people in the Ice and tundra region of Kamalia. The healthiest Sumi languages, in terms of number of speakers, are Polar Sumi and Netna Sumi with Polar having about 400.000 more native speakers than Netna Sumi. These two are also the best documented of the Sumi languages. The Sumi languages are divided into two groups which are seperated by the Qumal Mountain Range, Peninsula (consisting of Polar Sumi and Yalta Sumi), and Central which contains the remaining six. In the Sumi languages exists a dialect continuum, in which some are mutually intelligable with those surrounding it, and some are not.





The Sumi Languages

Polar Sumi
Yalta Sumi
Vishun Sumi
Karal Sumi
Nastoi Sumi
Netna Sumi
Vasha Sumi
Sampa Sumi
Kurur Sumi

A Sumi Camp near the coastline.

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