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Kamalinuxuq - Kamalia

Kamalia (pronounced /ka'maliə/ Kamalian: Kamalinuxuq, pronounced /'kama'linu'ksoq/, also officially known as the Kingdom of the Kamalian Counties, is a country in the planet Poseidon. It is a semi-constitutional monarchy, comprising 33 controlled regions or counties. Kamalia shares maritime borders with Neptutia (by the Sea of Neptutia) and Oceonesia (by the Poseidon Ocean).

Kamalia By Region

North Kamalia - Sumiqtunatupiakuq

The Ice and Tundra Region (or Sumiqtunatupiakuq) of Kamalia covers the north half of the country. As its name dictates, this region is covered mostly by tundra and permanently frozen ice with an elevation of about 9,000 ft. This section was set aside from development by the Kingdom for two main reasons; Firstly, there are very little resources in the tundra and none in the frozen ice, so attempting to maintain a civilization would be futile. Second, Sumiqtunatupiakuq tundra is home to many indigenous groups of Poseidon humans. These peoples are mostly nomadic and herd Edos for food (see Fauna). These groups do not speak languages related even slightly to Kamalian and, in an effort to maintain its peaceful reputation; the Kamalian government has not made an effort to disturb their culture and traditions.

Kamalia's beautiful Qumal Mountain range can be found in King Napik II Land in Sumiqtunatupiakuq

The nomadic Sumi peoples make their homes in the Ice and Tundra Region.

Eastern Counties and Lahapuq-Ahaxtuq

Much of the eastern counties are uninhabited, except for a few small farms and plantations scattered about them. The Kamalian forest in Sahatuq and Nunatuq attracts thousands of travelers each year because of its isolated position on the map. Most of the farms in Pikaliuq are located around lake Pikal because of its close water access.

A village in Eastern Kamalia.

The Lahapuq-Ahaxtuq peninsula is home to the Lahap mountain range, which is filled with many lakes and waterfalls, making it a beautiful scene, and a home for some rural villages. The people of the peninsula speak a dialect of Kamalian known as the Ahaxtinux dialect (See Dialects).

Western Counties and Hamal Island

The western counties are very rural and have very few industries. This region is nearly covered with farms, plantations, and villages. Kamalia’s main agricultural food supply comes from these counties. Some of the staple foods grown include Corn, Beans, Rice, Munak, Susit, Hulut, and a wide variety of fruits (See Flora). Most of the country's Silver mines are also located in this region.

A farm in western Kamalia

Hamal Island, located of Kamalia’s southwest coast, Is home to most of Kamalia’s fishing industry. A shocking 82% of all fish consumed in Kamalia come from this Island.

Central Counties

Central Kamalia was the first region to industrialize and many factories and businesses can be found here. Much of the residential are consists of high-rise apartments and tenements. Because of the large development of this area, the central counties have the best economy in Kamalia, with local factory workers earning about 4 ounces of silver per day (American $ = about $68). Satamuq, the country’s southernmost county is home to many government buildings including the king’s palace and the United Kamalian Catholic Church.

Many cities and apartment residential areas can be found in this region.